Consumption by Country Activity

For this activity, students will be using excel for calculations on country consumption.

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Open an excel document. Save it as last name first initial JacksonB.
  2. Start in A2. Type A2-Gross Domestic Product (economy), A3- Population (people), A4: Calculated GDP per capita (economy),
  3. B1- United States, C1 Finland, D1- Australia, E1 Additional Developed Country (Choose), F1- Additional Developed Country, G1: Ghana, H1- India, I1- Cambodia, J1 Additional Developing Country, K1 Additional Developing Country
  4. Visit CIA World Factbook and gather the information. For Calculated GDP per capita, you will have to calculate it. GDP per capita = GDP/population
17.35= 17,350,000,000,000
CIA World Factbook