Welcome to the Research Paper Page!

This project will be the most important class activity towards high school and college future success. You will be composing a two page research paper and then creating a class presentation for it.

Day I: Review the topics below and find a few topics you'd like to you'd be interested in researching. It is important that you search for information on the topic using easybib. You are responsible for a two page paper.

  1. Visit Easybib.com Easybib
  2. Create a username and password or login if you already have an account
  3. Click the research tab on the top and begin looking for information on the possible topics below
    • Why is Donald Trump becoming popular with voters?,The political platform (beliefs) of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, The history of ISIS, The history of Al Qaeda, Why do people join terrorist groups (recruitment strategies)?, Should the U.S implement more gun control (pro or con)?, Should the United States admit Syrian refugees (pro or con)?, Why is it difficult for the United States to eliminate ISIS?, Healthy lunches: Is the program working?, Standardized Tests (Pro or Con), Vaccines for children (Pro or Con), School Uniforms (Pro or Con), The Second Iraq War, September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, Who will win the 2016 presidential election, Water shortage in the Sudan, Nelson Mandela, Why should a student study abroad?, Careers in Geography Information Systems (GIS), Cyber-terrorism, Star Wars Missile Defense System, 21st century Map Making, Google Maps, Is stretching effective for injury prevention?, MTVs resistance to playing black artists.
    • We will hold a draft for all topic selections
    • Afterwards, you will begin the research process

Approximate timeline:

January 5: Topic selection
6: Research and note cards
7: Research/Begin writing
8: Writing, possibly added research

11: Writing, near completion
12: Final day most writing
13: Final touches/Peer editing
14-15: Research Paper Grade Meetings/Presentation work time

1/13 Goals
  1. Finish your Research Paper
  2. Pull up the MLA Sample Paper (bottom of the wiki) and fix your formatting
  3. Remove all "I" and "You"
  4. Proofread and Spell check
  5. Have a friend Peer edit and grade your paper according to the rubric
  6. Have Mr. Jackson "Spot check" your paper

1/12 Goals
  1. Finish your research paper (or very close)
  2. Ensure your title is correct (12pt, Times New Roman, Unique)
  3. Complete your Work Cited Page
    1. Go to Easybib-Bibliography-Click Export-Copy and Paste.
    2. Paste it on to a separate page
    3. Go to to paragraph (click on on box in lower corner)-change to special-hanging and double space. Change font to 12pt, Times New Roman if necessary

1/11 Goals
  1. Re-write your Thesis to enhance strength and ensure it summarizes what the reader will learn in the research paper.
  2. Insert page numbers, make sure your header is correct (MLA Sample Paper below is very helpful)
  3. Continue writing (two more days!)
1/7/16 Goals
  1. Remember to use the resources on this wiki
  2. Complete another paragraph!

1/6/16 Goals
  1. Begin Citations on easybib. (Mr. Jackson will model)
  2. Format Your paper : 12pt, Times New Roman, Double Space
  3. Attempt to complete a paragraph...A great start is a paragraph explaining what or who your topic is. You do not need to do your introduction first....Complete a paragraph from your outline plan) Note cards are also an option.


Purdue OWL MLA Guide w/ SamplesPurdue OWL MLA Guide w/ Samples

Part II Research Paper Presentation

Presentation Instructions
  1. 1. Create a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other approved presentation.
  2. 2. The purpose is to inform viewers of the major things you learned from researching the topic.
  3. 3. You will need a title slide with name, four body slides, and a quiz slide.
  4. 4. The quiz slide is five questions. Ensure that these are not too difficult, not too easy, and pertain to your presentation.
  5. 5. Instead of a quiz slide, you can make a Kahoot (you will have to register), a quizlet, or any other tool for quizzing a student.

Post Your Presentations

  1. Create a page (may need to log-in)
  2. Name it class hour and your topic (2September11)
  3. Tag it; Jacksonresearch
  4. Put your presentation on the page as a file or widget